Deaf awareness: how can we implement best practice?

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“The Safety and Accident Investigation Centre at Cranfield is unique – we work within the aviation, rail and marine sectors, covering everything from human factors and safety management, to accident investigation. We’re also increasingly working with other sectors – for example, the healthcare sector is one that’s benefited from the methods of aviation safety.”

Professor Graham Braithwaite, Director of Transport Systems and Professor of Safety and Accident Investigation

“Cranfield is known globally as the place to come to for courses on air safety and accident investigation. What makes it unique is the fantastic professors and the availability of the airfield to run a simulation, which is a fantastic, hands-on experience.”

Maria Gregson, Accident Investigation for Aviation Management delegate, 2017

“Cranfield is a really special place – to have the airport nearby and to see the Boeing 737 every day is motivational. It is full of experienced people and the fact that it’s a postgraduate university gives you the opportunity to specialise in what you’re really interested in.”

Fabian Steinmann, Visiting student, 2017